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Abacus ‘D’ Maths Academy, CC-6, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Abacus classes at Jaipur Rajasthan, Abacus D Maths Academy

 Abacus classes are the one of the best way to build your child brain efficiency. It’s not only help to

develop the Maths calculation it’s also help to develop the concentration power, Speed of
calculation, speed of writing, speed of learning and many more.
Not only abacus our other activity classes are also help your child to develop their creativity,
Visualization power, and most important confidence.
Why Join Abacus Classes?
In todays fast and growing world it is quite essential for our kids to move with the pace and trend of
time where we need to mould our next generation to act accordingly. Abacus education helps your
kids to save time for very basic school activities like quick calculation, speed and accurate writing,
creative writing etc. Abacus helps to develop the right brain of a child. AMA ABACUS is committed to
provide quality education into field of Abacus Maths, Vedic Maths, Calligraphy and Handwriting. The
basic idea behind forming these courses is to uplift the brain skills of school going students. Abacus
is helpful to improve the concentration , memory, fast reading and writing, learning ability, develop
creativity, better analysing skill, visualizing power and most important for your kid's confidence.
Other Programs
1. Vedic maths
2. Handwriting improvement
3. Calligraphy
4. Memory games
5. Speed writing
6. Both hand writing
7. Chess
8. Brain Gym
9. Speech Therapy
10. Photography memory power improvement
We have best Abacus training teacher available at our all Jaipur Center and Associates Schools.
Here is the Details of Our Centres.
1. Head Office. Abacus D Maths Academy 
cc-6, Jawahar Nagar shopping centre, Near Vinyak Crockery, Mama Ka hotel,
Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur
2.  Abacus D Maths Academy  Jawahar Nagar
7 ta 17 Orkid Schoo. Jawahar Nagar, 
Jaipur Near Jain temple.
3. Abacus D Maths Academy Tonk Road,
Barkat Nagar Near, Barkat Nagar phatak.
4. Abacus D Maths Academy Jagatpura
Near Skit College Road, Jagatpura
5. Abacus D Maths Academ Goviend Nagar West
Goviend Nagar West, Amer Road,Jaipur
6. Abacus D Maths Academy Ramgarh Mode Jaipur
Dhruv Public School, Ramgarh mode Jaipur
7. Abacus D Maths Academy Bhrampuri
Every Shine Se. Ser. School, Bhrampuri,
8. Abacus D Maths Academy Amer
Santcum Academy, Delhi Road, Amer
For more Details call 9828421716 

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