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Abacus ‘D’ Maths Academy, CC-6, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Abacus Franchise holders in India, Abacus Franchise in India

Abacus education and Vedic maths Education business Program.


Before starting any business the individual wants to know all the positive and negative aspects.

He tries to find out that whether the particular business will benefit him or not? We AMA

ABACUS are very renowned name in the field of education industry and are prepared with

profound information of Abacus Education Business. If you want to be a part of AMA ABACUS

then success is sure for you.

A successful chain of Abacus Franchise in India is running under the brand name of AMA

Abacus. It is among one of the fastest developing business on the ground of Abacus Education,

Calligraphy and Handwriting training, and Vedic Education. We are providing four different

types of program to our Franchisee which includes Calligraphy Program, Abacus Maths,

Handwriting Improvement and Vedic Maths. The best thing with this Franchisee is that one is

require to pay the amount for two courses only i.e. for Vedic Maths and Abacus Maths.

Calligraphy Program and Handwriting Program are available at free of cost. For all the supports

like Technical support, Marketing training, Teaching training, Counseling training, Class-room

Management training, you need to pay one time set up charge.

Advantages of ABACUS Franchise:

With the best in class program of Abacus Franchise in India, we are providing best in class

business solutions for all the dynamic ladies present out there! Yes, with our franchise program,

you can get all the benefits of a good and successful business and get extreme profits with a

very low investment. Below mentioned are some advantages or benefits that we offer for our

Abacus Franchise holder in India.

 Provides training to the teaching staff.

 Marketing materials.

 Branding designs.

 Good amounts of profits are offered at extremely low investment.

 Good quality of course material is provided.

 Management of office through latest technology.

 Demonstrations are provided free to gain more business.

We also offer training which includes:


 Teaching Training.

 Marketing Training.

 Training for managing the office.

 Counseling Training.

 Training for managing the classroom.

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